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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Buying tips for laptop

People nowadays prefer laptops to desktops because of their mobility and performance. So if you are all ready to buy yourself a laptop and don’t know how and what to buy than here are few laptop buying tips that will prevent you from making mistakes and repenting later:

# Budget - First conclude your budget, as laptops cost twice than a desktops even if both have similar configuration. Also laptops are slower than desktops so if portability and travelling are not your need than a desktop is a better deal for you.

# Up gradation - Laptop has all built in drives like CPU, video card, sound track etc so it cannot be upgraded easily. And if you upgrade it than besides the cost the weight will increase and the portability will decrease.

#Memory Memory of the laptop should be according to your work requirements like if you have general work than a 1 GB RAM is enough and if you are among the power user than your minimum requirement is 4 GB. 

# Battery - You must surely enquire about the battery life of your laptop before purchasing as a laptop with the battery problem of going low can annoy and disturb you while working.

# Screen SizeThe things you should check in person before buying a laptop are the size, clarity and brightness of the laptop screen. However as the screen gets larger the weight of your laptop will also increase with the model. The range of the laptop screen goes from 13 to 17 inch, but the smaller the portable.
buying tips for laptop 
# Storage or Hard DriveHard drive should be analysed with your storage requirements, however it can be upgraded easily but for initial you should in minimum have 80 GB.

# Processor - Processor of laptops in no way can be upgraded so it is an essential to think thrice before you compromise it with cost or performance. The best processors in market at present are Intel and AMD where Intel being a bit costlier than AMD has a more reputed result when compared.

# Weight If you always carry your laptop than weight is one of the most important part. So include light weight in your top 5 must thing in your laptop.

So these were important buying laptop tips which you should and must consider before buying. You can also share these buying tips for laptop with your friends.