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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sun technology for your kids

                             Have you heard the word “Broiler Chicken?” if not than these are the tag names for those kids who carry thick glass even more thick than your window glass on their eyes and have body structure of a ball. Yes they are the most criticized kids who spend most of their time in home after the school playing video games and other modern gaming on their personal computer.
Sun Technology

                               Thus now you would know the secret of their fatter glass over the nose and the stored fats on their belly. For these kids their personal computers are their best friend and best buddies. If you spend even half an hour with them they will talk about gaming, Wikipedia and mails instead of footballs, playground and hide and seek. They are those pity kids who know essence of flowers not with petals but with the brands of perfume that have the smell of flowers from their parents’ dressing table. They have complete knowledge of Wikipedia through heart but not of the rules in playground.
                              The root reason of all the criticism these broiler chicken gets thus is the technology. We still remember the park picnic, the fun in the grounds with friends, the sea saw games etc but the kids of today’s world are taken way back from these environments thus sweeping the whole excitement from their life that are experienced by being close to the nature. Even though many parents believe technology as development in kids’ life, think again about the fun they are not experiencing in their best days of life turning them into robots. Through the studies and research it has been observed that both elements as “nature and technology” play an equal and important part in a kid’s life and what support this decision even more is the device by the name The Sun which is the device blending nature with technology bringing your life to a track of normal life. The sun, thus bring a balance giving the child knowledge about the nature through technological approach.
                               The device has sensors that will allow the child to give them knowledge about the nature through Wikipedia of which they have clicked picture. Thus it is simple equipment which gives knowledge for the items of nature searched by the kid in Wikipedia. As in looks it is simple looking with warm colors of nature like yellow. It has two moving rotational mechanics very simple and easy to learn for the kid about the nature bringing the child attracted and intimated with nature.
Sun Technology2