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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Small Mp3 Player of Capsule size

                       Everyday we saw the new trend in the technology. We saw bulky and heavy mobile handsets to small handsets. We saw big music system to the small music system. Now technology again making music system to more small one. So small that you can compare your medicine capsule with your small mp3 player.
                       You saw iPod Capsule and now one mp3 player which is more small to capsule and you can have good numbers of your music as well.
Small Mp3 Player 1
Small Mp3 Player 1
Small Mp3 Player 2
Small Mp3 Player 2

Whole control of this small mp3 player is on the surface of this, like –
  • Just push this one and music will pause.
  • If you do not like any song twist it and this will work as fast forward or next music track.
  • Again twist and you can repeat the song.
Other features of this small mp3 player is
  • Supported by USB drive, so that you can easily transfer your music from Laptop or desktop to this small mp3 player
  • You can run Mp3 and WMA files as well
  • You can enjoy 7 equalizer
  • This small mp3 player have 30 channels of radio and you can record as well.
So what do you think, isn’t this music medicine is entertaining ?
Small Mp3 Player 3
Small Mp3 Player 3
Small Mp3 Player 4
Small Mp3 Player 4