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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Windows 8 Expected Features

Well it may be too early to discuss this but may be not, with Windows 8 leaked paper floating all over the internet, many IT Pros has claimed a lot about Microsoft’s new OS - Windows 8.
Here is what we think the new OS should offer -
1. Touch Screens: We have already saw Touch Screen version of OS ie Windows 7, so it is sure that there must be a lot of improvements in it, may be like multi-touch capability and lot more.
2. Biometrics Support: New Windows 8 would have inbuilt Biometric password login support, now who need to type a password when you have your face or eye or finger print to do your work. Having said that it automatically enhances the security feature manifolds.
3. Faster Boot up: Ever since I started using computer the only thing that I hated is the Boot Screen and I hate waiting to let it get load, on average Vista 40 secs, Windows 7 took 27 secs to load, so we may expect some more loss of seconds in Windows 8.
4. An App Store: Apple’s App Store has been a raging success, as has Android’s Market. So Windows 8 appears as if it will also have an app store called, not surprisingly, “Windows Store.” But there are no indications how Microsoft will manage the countless thousands of apps available for Windows, or many other details about the store at this point.
Better identity management. The decks lay out a vision in which user accounts don’t just live on one PC — you can carry them from computer to computer, and to other devices. Identities can live and be backed up in the cloud. As a slide puts it, “Identity evolves from machine centric to user centric.” – computerworld
What else do you want?

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