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Sunday, October 31, 2010

D:Scribe Digital Pens

                       Now digital pens will be used to send sms even without typing in your mobile. Yes with this digital pens you will have to just write on paper and circle the name to whom you want to send.
To use this kind of digital pens you just need bluetooth and the surface which can be used to write on.  To display the message and other information this digital pens are using OLED screen.
                       Main attraction of digital pens are they will save every thing which you will write and on you can transfer such details to your computer as well.
                       If your home appliances are bluetooth enabled than you can program digital pens to give them command by writing on air only.
Designer : Reuben Png
Digital Pens
Digital Pens
Digital Pens 2
Digital Pens 2
Digital Pens 3
Digital Pens 3
Digital Pens 4
Digital Pens 4

Large Mens Watch

                             Accessories are an important part of every individual whether you are a kid or teenage or adult, accessories bring out the style and speak for the person. And among the accessories, today mens digital watch are the ultimate choices because of the simplicity it gives to every type of clothing whether it is traditional, casual or semi-casual.  Dedicated to such a wonderful accessory if we go to the origin of watches in ancient times, when people used to bare the scorching rays of the sun direct to eyes to read time was not an easy job but the discovery of the time scale instruments by various methods related to the positioning of the sun was the greatest achievement brought to the world. Blessed by technology and developments now reading time  have come over the need of the sun by the ways of watches but still eyes  the only and the main witness to changing time.
Designer : Hay Heun
Large Mens Watch

                        But it is a 21st century and owing to it is a new watch called the WITness designed by HAY HEUN which is the coolest and the stylist among the else crowd of watches because of its property to demonstrate in extraordinary way the relationship between the eyes and the time.
                       The device has an eye catching look for the people who honor style with technology in watches. Although you can call it as large mens watch, but however you can not ignore the beauty of it. As for the band of the WITness watch it consist of flexible bracelet type material which will fit all size of wrist and a quick lock system at lower part for extemporary and efficient wearing. For the technology in the watch it has an LED dial and the device can be activated by pressing the side located buttons for just 2 seconds and will automatically return to stand by mode immediately if not use in few seconds to save the energy.Mens Digital Watch
                          The mechanism of it goes like this: when the side button is pressed once for 2 seconds the LED will light up to the maximum in full power within 5 seconds and after 5 seconds to it , the device will turn to stand by status. The aim of stand by mode is to decrease the battery usage with the help of 35% of the LED power. What is the most attractive point is the way the dial is designed which gives it a Cosmo metropolitan look in a trendy way of the band.

                      In the world of digital watches man, this is bit old one but however wearing this kind of watch have its own style which you can not overlook. There will be awesome combination of this large mens watch and iWatch.
                     So just bring a difference to your personality through the WITness watch and you have all the good time to experience it fully
Digital Watched Man

Friday, October 29, 2010

Blood Sugar Monitoring Device

                             Diabetes has ruled out to severe terms nowadays especially among the families those have genetic relation to it. Thus through the genes of parents, their children getting diabetes is found random and concurrent and when we speak about diabetes it is very necessary to take care of the diet taken in by the person and to maintain strict rules to keep control of the blood sugar level.
Blood Sugar Monitoring Device

                             These rules are often avoided by the kids or teenage boys and girls with diabetes resulting in severe conditions and a regular peak tension for their parents.
                              But with the new technology prepared it has become extremely easy to keep a check of the blood sugar level of the kids by the parents. One of such device is Sleep Well Wireless Blood Glucose Monitoring Device. It is made with the main motif to avoid the restless nights of the parents with the tension that their kid might suffer from the blood sugar level getting down resulting in extreme conditions.
Blood Glucose Monitoring Device
About the device
                            It is a wireless device which consists of portable easy to carry and light weighing monitor screen that has the ability to support wireless signal and a wear able bracelet monitor that transmit the health condition of the wearer to the monitor.
blood sugar monitoring
                         The former monitor is kept by the parents with them in their room and the bracelet is worn by their child on the hands like a watch.
                         The bracelet  on the under side has infrared blood glucose reader that reads the sugar level in the blood and displays it on the front screen. The bracelet is made up of comfortable elastomeric material and has notches to adjust the fitting of it according to the wrist; it also has a button, back under to the display for backlight.
blood sugar testers
                                    The wireless works in transmitting the signal to the monitor with the parents allowing them to check the sugar level of their kid without even leaving their bed. Also the greatest advantage is that you can set an alarm triggering to the fluctuation in the blood sugar level of the child so you get to know by the alarm whenever the sugar level crosses a particular normal point.
glucose blood testing
                                    Thus there is no need to carry out heavy procedure in the middle of night to review the nightly activities of the kid’s health; instead you can check it whenever you want conveniently without any stress and without waking anyone. And whenever you find critical level situation in the monitor you can immediately take action by going to the child with the monitor and aid it according to the information on the monitor.
blood glucose monitors

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fetch an Apple iPod @ a tempting price of $99

                                     Apple's online store has a huge collection of refurbished iPods at reduced prices. Apple's Special Deals section is featuring iPods at attractive prices, with refurbished nanos going as low as $99 for the 8GB version, and a $249.00 iPod touch capable of storing 32GB of music, apps, and movies. Those looking to get an iPod and don't have any cash to spare are encouraged to check out these deals while they are available. The Refurbished iPod nano 8GB black (previous generation) which holds up to 2,000 songs playable for up to 24 hours (four hours of video playback) and weighing just 1.3 ounces. Although this is not the latest model (which adds a camera and more vibrant colors), the previous-gen iPod nano is just as thin - 3.6 x 1.5 x 0.24 inches, and ships with Apple Earphones, a USB cable and a Dock adapter. A refurbished iPod nano 16GB Black (previous generation), capable of storing twice as much music as its 8GB sibling, goes for $129.00.
                                     Apple's funniest iPod, sporting a multi-touch display with a full QWERTY soft keyboard, the Safari web browser, email access, built-in Wi-Fi, built-in Nike + iPod support and a map location-based service, is also available at a discount. Besides the mentioned strong points, Apple notes that a 32GB touch is capable of storing up to 7,000 songs / up to 25,000 photos / up to 40 hours of video and can play music nonstop for a day and a half. Video playback goes up to six full hours. Weighing just 4.05 ounces, and measuring 4.3 x 2.4 x 0.33 inches, the iPod touch has a sleek, metal design, and ships with Apple earphones, a USB cable required to sync and recharge, as well as a dock adapter.
                                   The fifth-generation 8GB iPod nano is available in green, black, pink, purple, yellow, blue and silver for only $99, a $50 reduction from the original price of $149. Also available is the 16GB iPod nanofor $149 after a $30 price cut. Also priced at $149 is the second-generation 8GB iPod Touch which was priced at $189, has seen a $40 break.  

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

China's iPad users get free TV broadcast

                               China’s state-owned television network China Xinhua News Network Corporation (CNC) will provide a 24—hour free broadcast to iPad users in the country.
                               Users of Apple Inc’s wireless tablet computer would be able to watch programmes of CNC’s Chinese and world channels by downloading and installing the software from Apple stores free of charge, Xinhua reported.
                              The network’s channels were earlier connected to iPhone users a month ago.Wu Jincai, CNC president and deputy editor—in—chief of Xinhua news agency, said the broadcast through iPad will provide a new medium to audiences around the world to acquire Xinhua news.
                               The CNC started broadcasting Chinese programmes Jan 1 this year and officially launched its English language service called CNC World July 1. 

Monday, October 25, 2010

iWatch future of today’s watch

iwatch beautiful concept watch
                                   If you are interested in tech knowledge and want a futuristic life and accessories than you should look at the concept technology as this will tell you what is going to come in near future and how it can makes your life more easy.
                                 iWatch is also a new concept technology in the field of watches. Rite now we see latest technology is coming to mobile phones and laptop but this time this will be on watch or iWatch.
Designer : ADR Studio via [ConBug]
iWatch Concept watch

iWatch with red and green ribon

                                 Recently we saw business accessory like iPAd and now in personal accessory we have iWatch. It manages to include all the essential of the product including the other additional like LCD, Wi-Fi, 3G, and much more depending upon the product and what we never compromise is the look which is also ever fascinating in this iWatch.
                             iWatch is the new concept watch and we expect that in near future this concept technology is going to be real as well. As soon as it is announced in the market it is assumed that it will create smashing effect especially among the youngsters because of its cool look and touch screen approach.
iWatch with projector, watch with projector
                                        iWatch has a sleek aluminum body and what can be obvious is the presence of Wi-Fi with Bluetooth, integrated RSS reader and weather forecast system. The internal memory storage of this incredible watch is 16GB. It also can be connected to other devices of yours like iphone , ipad with the help of WiFi or Bluetooth. And the best bringout of these product or your cool watch is that it has inbuilt LCD projector to display images and media from other devices you connect to it.
                                             So just wait to try by yourself the fabulous this concept watch which named as “iWatch”
iWatch best for young generation

a ceramic figurine in the backseat

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Smart Baby cover – must for every mother

                        Before the birth of the kid only, we start planning about his/her room , name, etc to make sure that each and every thing should be the best and no doubt of any discomfort is left for the kid especially when in the infant state i.e. in the first few weeks of first month of the baby. Under the aim of these worries experienced by the parents a piece of technology is made which is known as Smart Baby Case designed by Pouvan Mokhtarani. It is like a womb of pregnant women in her 40th week of pregnancy or like the 
matured chicken egg. When a child is born doctors advice the mother to keep the baby attached to her to keep the child still at warm temperature like that of womb and also to keep the child away from harsh sunlight or pollution for few weeks and according to this advice the smart baby case functions, as in, it give temporary protection t the baby and warmness in the real world outside the mother. It is the best way to make yourself satisfied that you love your baby and you can protect your kid. When your baby feels the outside atmosphere other than your womb it takes time to adapt to it and the baby still need the warmness of the womb till that time. When to take a look at the safe baby case it might feel to be packed and uncomfortable due to the hot temperature but it is the same atmosphere like your womb where the baby had spent 9 months making him/her feel good and close to the mother. The smart baby case comes with the handy system so you can keep your baby safe and warm in the polluted atmosphere for few hours.
Smart baby cover
Smart baby cover2
Mechanics of the smart baby case
                                                 Smart baby case or smart baby cover like some other cases has removable doors like top door and main door. The top door is a removable door making the parents to have easy access to the baby for things like playing and feeding and it also have a communication unit and provide video call and baby monitoring by small swinger web cam with touch screen LCD  and air blower with speakers while the main door is mainly for the picking up the baby outside the case. In the situation when the air purification unit is off, the doors will automatically get shut avoiding any kind of harmful atmosphere to reach the baby. There is an exit fan with orange LED at the bottom of the case for carbon dioxide suction outside the case which gets pile up at the bottom due to the heavier weight compare to oxygen preventing excess carbon dioxide accumulation inside the case. The LED in the case will serve as an indicator of air. The air purification unit is located next to the Samsonite logo at the top of the case and would provide fresh stream of air by circulation of the air through the opening window. The aim of the purification unit is to get rid of any harmful gases, bacteria and unwanted dusts. And during the oxygen lacking emergency in the smart case there are smart sensors  which turn out oxygen making equipped with the chemical mask unit.
Smart baby cover
Smart baby cover
Additional feature of the smart baby case
                                          The smart additional feature of the smart case also include auto diaper unit which is responsible for baby cleanup to keep the atmosphere moisture free for the baby. The sensor sensitivity of the unit gets active in the case of leaks and the inside water pumps then slowly and gently flush the water, gathering it in special tubes followed by transferring it in waste storage or drainage storage at the front of the case. When we think of the safety movement of the baby in the case there are also anatomic paths of pads designed in such a way to keep the baby safe and in place. The pads are made of extremely soft and flexible material keeping in mind the immature skin of the baby and also surrounding the fragile organs such as head and spine of the baby. At the back portion of the baby the pads keep preventing the sweating all the time keeping the skin dry. The pads are adjustable and available in different sizes to fit all size of babies.
Smart baby cover
                                       The mechanical parts operate with the help of rechargeable lithium polymer batteries while the electronic parts operate with rechargeable lithium ion batteries; it is also possible to operate the case with direct electric attachment (110v or 210v). Sometime it becomes extremely important to console the babies and what can be a better way than the authentic baby bed rocking which can be done either manually or mechanically through the use of the case. The base design of the smart case can bring the motion of rocking and will again bring the smile to your child.
                                      So either it is a rocking duty or the safety matter or the temperature needed for your child smart baby case provides it all giving a healthy environment for the infant to grow and develop.
Smart baby cover

Apple’s iPad in education

                                             The field of education has taken itself a long way and nowadays the multi information needed by a student doesn’t come from a single book, it’s the time of technology guiding the students. If you have gone through all the feature of iPad then you can imagine how much fun it would prove in field of education. Whether it is lower class or in higher education iPad would work as a great tool .young children could grasp their basics more easily when they can see them demonstrating live in front of them. It can be a fun device too; children running away from studies can actually find it interesting. Also it is easy to use using more than one finger literally for everything a mouse, a navigation instrument, a drawing tool, and for writing and typing. Young children can learn more easily if it on their hands and iPad is an absolute hands-on device.
                                 For higher education too it would be a boon with eBook facility and a wide multi touch screen for reading and browsing. IPad can prove itself to be a device where students can learn how to produce content from new economy. Writing for the web, video content created in collaboration for a project, large scale photo essays, discussions, wikis – these are the skills that students are going to need to succeed in this century and iPad can provide all of this very well.
                                iPad can also prove to be an environmental saver as it can save you from the reason of cutting trees indirectly in the way of the paper, inject cartridges and copy toner that would be used over four years in a school of 1000 students.
                                Besides all these think of the impression and style that would be reflected when you are holding a technology gift of this year.

Accessories of apple iPad

                                           If you have decided to or are already a proud owner of the new techno expert device that apple has recently launched then you must also go through the accessories that are also brought about by apple.
                                           In the box of iPad with the iPad you will find your iPad, dock connector to USB cable , 10W USB Cable and necessary documentation. But besides these Apple has also developed a number of iPad accessories like which will surely cost you extra but are as well high tech.

The accessories I was talking about are:
iPad keyboard dock.
iPad dock.
iPad case.
iPad Dock connector to VGA adaptor.
iPad camera connection ki

iPad Keyboard Dock
                                        An Ipad keyboard accessory is the must to have accessory for ipad .It will charge your ipad as soon as you connect it, with a full size keyboard. The dock also has a 30 pin connector, so you can connect your ipad accessories too, like audio jack to connect your ipad to a stereo. The best part is that you get a full sized keyboard. For this device you have to loose $69 from your wallet.

iPad Case
                                        You can’t just keep your hand involved in holding your iPad every time you watch movies, type or surf. It is very necessary for you to get a holding device for your iPad especially if you are using Apple’s iPad in education.
                                         iPad case can be propped in any position you want as triangular stand or inclined, according to your desk or your position of sitting. It has an appearance like leather but it is made of soft, rubbery microfiber material. It is not now known but still it is for sure that soon you will be getting many, many option for the case. The case comes with a picture frame stand and will cost you $39.

iPad Camera Connection Kit
                                     The camera connection kit gives two option of importing videos and photo from your digital camera to your iPad, the first way is by using your camera’s USB cable and the other by using SD card. Both the ways are easy and convenient to use .you can import photos and videos directly from the camera’s SD card. This will cost you an additional $29 bugs.

iPad 10W USB Power Adapter
                                      The 10W USB Power Adapter lets you charge your iPad directly through an electrical outlet. The 6-foot long power cable will help you charge from distance.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

iPad another jewel from Apple

                                          Yes, the new apple ipad is out of the dark now, it’s a revolutionary achievement for apple and for everyone who trusts technology. Apple has delivered the world the new way of experiencing entertainment and brings the whole world to one hand.
Apple Ipad and applications
Apple Ipad and applications

Apple ipad - thin and strong technology
Apple ipad - thin and strong technology
                                You can trust the features of it and wave in it with a little touch or flick. The features which it has included are many as videos, photo, mail, iPod, iTunes, iBooks, maps, notes, calendar, contacts, and gallery and much more. The home screen of iPad has an easy to go access with one tap; you can customize your look of the screen as well as the order of applications.
                                You can see an entire web page through the built in accelerometer which turns as you turn your device, so if you want to get the best browsing experience iPad should be your choice.
                                In the box you can get your iPad, a dock connector to USB cable, 10W USB power adapter, and documentation.
Tech view of iPad
                               The most catching feature of iPad is its compatibility of holding so much besides being so thin and light. It has 0.5 inch of thickness and weighs just 1.5pounds.the screen is 9.7 inches when measured diagonally and is portable so can be taken anywhere you want. The way it is curved from the back you can get hold to it very easily. It has 10 hours battery life and running almost 14,00,00 apps in apple’s app store. It runs on 1-gigahertz chip and comes 16, 32, and 64 GB of storage. So you do not have to worry about to store your favorite stuffs. Support the display of multi language and characters and you can use more than one finger to control and interact with the screen at a time. The ultimate x-factors of iPad are Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, speakers and accelerometer and a compass.
iPad supports green
                              Apple has continued with its environmental safe process, it has used many features so as to reduce the impact on environment like:
                               Recyclable aluminum and glass enclosure, PVC free, Mercury free LCD display, arsenic free display glass, BFR-free.

Friday, October 22, 2010

A car that runs on land, sea or in air

London:                        It is a car that could come straight out of a James Bond movie, changing into a speedboat, helicopter or jet whenever the respective mode of transport is required. The Halo Interceptor could be the solution to all your transport problems, provide you have the necessary cash of course.
British designer Phil Pauley has come up with the concept based around a sports car with attachments that make it float like a boat and fly like a helicopter or jet. Pauley lays emphasis on the fact that the Halo Interceptor should not be seen as a flying car but a plane, helicopter, boat and car in one. 
                       Fitted with a hybrid power unit and a supercomputer in the cockpit, the Halo Interceptor has a top speed of over 500 km/h and accelerates from zero to 100 km/h in just 2.3 seconds. Fitted with the jet attachment Halo 120 degrees, it allows a maximum speed of Mach 2 at a height of up to 20,000 metres.The Halo 46 degrees offers helicopter flight version for hasty businessmen. The maximum speed is 185 knots. The Halo 22 degrees speedboat attachment features a racing hull providing up to 63 knots and a range of 1,200 nautical miles.
                       With looming traffic chaos in the big mega cities, Pauley hopes his concept will catch on with the big car producers or at least influence the design of the cars of the future.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Few tips to Buy TV antennas

                                           Life has become so fast these days that everyone wants some entertainment in their lives at one point of another. If your job consists of making long trips all the time, then the dreariness of such journeys can be reduced with the help of a high definition TV. The high definition TV is one of the best things to have happened in the world of entertainment. The screen might be small in size, but the most desirable part is that this TV can be carried anywhere. And to top it all, the petite size of the TV won’t be a problem at all, once the movie is quite interesting. The sound quality is excellent when you use your headphones. These high definition TV’s are so cheap that you can get a TV belonging to a reputed brand by just spending 100 dollars. 

How to select an antenna?
                                          Once you have decided about buying any of the high definition TV’s, the next thing is to look out for the right antennas. These antennas are very important since they only bring the TV reception to you. You can use the geo-selector tool to gauge the measurement of the TV antenna required. This algorithm makes use of all those features one can think of, like the location of the viewer, the power of his TV stations and frequency. The direction in which the antenna is going to be pointed also determines how it is to be used.

Whom to consult?
                                     Experts recommend that you should conduct an analysis for your particular geographic location before investing your funds in an antenna since such a large variety of antennas are now available in the market. The users can also find the TV antenna perfect for their area, because there are various guides in the market that categorise antennas according to various areas in US.
                                    TV reception reports are also an excellent thing to consult if you want to decide about the size antennas. Long antennas are required if the TV reception in your area as per these reports is quite poor. The TV antenna selection is quite an important decision as it will determine the reception quality of your TV in your future. The bug reports tell you about how the TV signals can get impaired by the disturbances caused by these creatures. The TV viewers ought to pick antennas only after ample guidance as it can affect the quality of their TV transmissions for a long time.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Get wet! Toshiba CAMILEO BW10 Sportcam

                                                  The Sportcam, first of its kind from Toshiba, has a 2-inch display screen and is waterproof up to 2 metres. With the rubberised exterior, the Camileo BW10 is also shock and dirt proof. The camera has a 10x digital zoom and a maximum ISO sensitivity of 1600, which means you can take pretty pictures even in low ambient light. The Camileo BW10 doesn't scrimp on image quality, packing in Full HD recording at 1080p. The cam also packs in a HDMI output so you can hook it up to a TV with a single cable, a 10-second self-timer to shoot shots of yourself, and one button YouTube uploading to share your clips as soon as you plug it into a PC. 

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Now iPad tablet in 8,500 stores and 15 countries

                                                 Soon Walmart, one of the world's largest retailers will sell Apple's iPad across their 8,500 stores from Oct 15th.
                                                  Walmart said it would start carrying all six iPad types including both Wi-Fi and 3G + Wi-Fi models, at the same prices Apple charges. The company will also have all models available online through Walmart.com, but buyers will still have to pick up their new iPads at local Wal-Mart locations. 
However, it may not have had the option to wait this time around, as pressure from competitors like Best Buy and Target began selling the iPad months ago and as both Apple and Wal-Mart eye the upcoming holiday shopping rush with an aim for both firm's bottom lines.
According to iSuppli, the iPad is expected to account for 74.1 percent of all global tablet shipments, with the remaining percentage left mostly to an assortment of older PC style tablets. In 2012, that figure will drop to a still leading 61.7 percent as more tablet makers race to hit the market and struggle to compete with Apple, iSuppli said. But those rivals will have their work cut out for them.
Considering iSuppli's report it is a boon for Apple to have the iPads sold in Wal-Mart stores . Selling any product at Wal-Mart is bound to bring a bounce to its overall sales, as the retailer currently has 8,500 stores in 15 countries operating under 55 different names. After offering the iPhone in December 2008, Apple reported an 88 percent spike in sales of the smartphone over the quarter ending Dec. 27, 2008'a leap that was at least in part attributable to the much wider availability of the phones nationwide.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Twisted Digital Camera

                          With the latest technology you will be able to get 5 Mega Pixel camera in a mobile handsets. Similarily Bryn Seymour and Jon Rothapfel tried to bring one camera which get the power from wind and can be used easily.
                         With 5 Mega Pixel this camera can shoot good quality photos for home purpose and you can upload these photos easily to your laptop or desktop with the help of attached USB (Universal Serial Bus).

Digital Photos frame with telephone

                                          Technology is changing and so our daily needs.  Now a telephone is coming up with the digital photos frame. You can upload your love ones photos to this digital photos frame. Photos will keep showing one by one.
                                         You can also upload the photos of person with their numbers so any time whenever they will call you up their photos will display in this digital photos frame.
                                        You can also connect this digital photos frame cum telephone with your computer or laptop with the help of USB and can trasfer your photos from there.
Designer : Tao Ma
Digital Photos frame with telephone
Digital Photos frame with telephone
Digital Photos Frame with telephone 2
Digital Photos Frame with telephone 2
Digital Photos Frame with telephone 3
Digital Photos Frame with telephone 3
Digital Photo Frame with telephone 4
Digital Photo Frame with telephone 4

Future technology is here

                               As we progress we desire for more and more comfort with more and more luxury as well. Same thing is happening with technology as well. We are using latest technology every day and even than we are expecting more comfort.
                               If desktop shrink to laptop than we are now demanding that this should be compact, light weight, fast with latest technology.  With this purview and Nano technology is developing which is still in developing stage but sooner we will be able to enjoy this awesome tinny technology with wireless, shock observer, water proof and many more.