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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Concept Phone from Du JUn

Concept phone is also popular as the latest phone. Because in concept phone we can see the imagination of future and sooner or later we can see such technology in real as well. Similar concept phone was edge phone
Touch phone was a concept phone before few years and now we can buy such phone at affordable price. So these concept phone or concept technologies are quite important for the future.
Concept Phone

So for today we are going to see another concept phone from Designer – Du Jun.
Name of this concept phone is Sony Ericsson FH Mobile.
Concept Mobile Phone
This kind of phone is suitable for –
  • If you want to surf the internet than this concept phone will be really handy for you.
  • Want to see any video or movie or big screen objects than this mobile phone will be perfect for that. There is another big screen mobile phone which come under the category of business mobile phone.
  • This phone can be split in two and can work as walk talky.
Concept cell phone
Although this one is a concept phone but sooner or later we will be able to see this kind of flip phone to watch movie and surf the internet smoothly.
Mobile Concept Phone