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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Amazon Asks Permission From F.A.A. to Test Drone Delivery System

In some ways, this was not the best week for Amazon. The Federal Trade Commission sued it for improperly billing customers for games used by their children. And it continues to be enmeshed in a nasty public relations battle with the publisher Hachette.
But Amazon still has the drones. In a filing with the Federal Aviation Administration that got widespread attention Friday, Amazon asked for permission to test its drone delivery system outdoors, a practice that is banned for safety reasons.
Never mind for the moment the fact that the F.A.A. said a few weeks ago that there would be no commercial uses of drones in a memo that did not mention Amazon but pointedly excluded even the free shipping of items by drone. That’s a lobbying battle for another day.
Delivery by drone was first mentioned by Amazon last year on “60 Minutes,” and quickly became a viral sensation despite, or because of, the fact that it was unlikely to happen anytime soon. If nothing else, it was a vivid demonstration of Amazon’s gift for showmanship.
In the filing to Michael P. Huerta, the F.A.A. administrator, Amazon said that it should get an exemption from the rules because of the “enormous consumer benefits” of what it is calling Prime Air: getting stuff to people quickly.
Amazon said that if it did not get what it wanted, it would have to move the drone team to another country.
“Of course, Amazon would prefer to keep the focus, jobs and investment of this important research and development initiative in the United States,” the letter said.
Amazon stock shot up Friday faster than a you know what, jumping more than 5 percent. It was either the power of the drone or analysts’ reports predicting a good second quarter.

Friday, July 4, 2014

50 Cent's new sports headphones aren't subtle, and that's OK

Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson was kind enough to give us an early look at his line of sport-friendly headphones on stage back at CES. Today, you get to see them out in the wild. As a refresher, there are on-ear and in-ear models and you can choose wired (Street) or wireless (Sync) varieties depending on how you roll. The on-ears come with a sweat-proof inner chamber and a rubberized coating to keep them looking box-fresh no matter how many laps you put them through, and there's even a sports "towel" (it's more of a cloth) included to mop your brow! The in-ears won't come with such luxuries, but they do come in the same striking blue, pink or yellow color options. The Bluetooth variants all support aptX, which is more than can be said for the other rapper-backed sports buds we saw recently. Prices are $80/$150 for the in-ears (wired/wireless) and $180/230 for the on-ears -- and we got an early look at some.

Running with headphones is a divisive subject. Some swear by it; others deplore it. Whatever camp you're in, earbuds are usually the weapon of choice. Not me. I much prefer the extra isolation that on-ears provide. I don't run on the roads, so traffic and other such obstacles aren't much of a concern. The problem is, until now, there haven't been many sweat/sport-friendly pairs of on-ears. Let alone wireless ones. These are two instant plus points for the new Sync model straight away. Not to mention that running isn't the only activity that might cause a sweat, where the participants want to listen to their tunes; there's a whole host of music-loving active types to cater to.

The new Sync wireless sports from SMS are, unsurprisingly, very similar to the existing Sync model. The most significant difference is the finish. The shiny plastic of the current model is out, and a new rubberized nano-coating is in. It's a decent upgrade both in terms of aesthetics (shiny plastic never really looks that good), and the textured finish also feelsnicer. The ear pads have been toughened up too. Not only are they covered with a perforated leather, but also the chamber inside is sweat-proof. The result is a sporty-looking headset that definitely feels comfortable once the heart rate (and sweat) starts to rise.

Looks are one thing, but audio is the money here, right? Already I suspect that critics are sharpening their knives, as is de rigueur when discussing any celebrity-made/owned/built/endorsed headphones. The Sync wireless sport are loud and definitely "ample" when it comes to the low-end frequencies; there's no skirting it. But, you know what? When I'm five miles deep on a run, that's pretty much what I want. The bass isn't ridiculous -- it's what you might refer to as "generous." I'd reach for these over a pair with a flatter response every workout, every time. You may differ of course, but if thick, pronounced jams are what you want, then these will give it to you.

Despite the obvious leaning toward sporting use, the Syncs will gladly fill the role of full-time headphones if you wish. The battery should be good for upwards of eight hours of playback (or talk, given that they double as a hands-free too). If you find you do drain them, there's a 3.5mm jack (and cable) so you can wire them in like regular headphones (which means they're good for all devices, Bluetooth or otherwise). When it comes to sport-friendly on-ears, the Sync wireless are hard to knock. Yes, some will malign the "healthy" bass; others (like me) will appreciate it when trying to eke out that extra drop of energy. More than that, these are the best wireless model I've seen from SMS to date, so either way, things are looking up.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Apple working on smart home devices: Report

Apple is reportedly working on new connected home products for consumers, according to 9to5Mac's Mark Gurman.
Although Apple unveiled its HomeKit platform for developers at this year's WWDC, the company is now working on actual hardware products for everyday users. 

Gurman's sources haven't specified exactly what types of devices Apple is working on, but they did reportedly say that the connected home space will be an important market for Apple moving forward. 

These smart home devices would integrate deeply with Apple's existing products, such as its line of iPhones and iPads. 

Apple's smart home product probably won't compete with the Nest Learning Thermostat or the newly announced Honeywell Lyric. Rather, it will focus on something a little more mainstream that will get more widespread usage. 

This could mean Apple is working on a smart speaker system or some type of controller for the devices in your home, Gurman's sources reportedly said. There's also no specific timeline for the product(s), so there's no telling when or if we'll see such devices hit the market. 

9to5Mac's report comes just after The Information reported similar news on Wednesday regarding Apple's plan to develop devices for the smart home. 

This also isn't the first time we've heard that Apple is interested in creating a gadget that can act as a universal controller for your home. Cantor Fitzgerald analyst Brian White predicted last year that Apple's long-rumored iWatch could be used as a multi-media controller for your home. 

It's not entirely surprising that Apple could be creating hardware geared toward the connected home. Now that Apple has baked support for smart home functionality into iOS 8, we would naturally expect some new products to go along with it.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Apple's smartwatch to go in mass production in July

Taiwan's Quanta Computer Inc will start mass production of Apple Inc's first smart watch in July, a source familiar with the matter said, as the US tech giant tries to prove it can still innovate against rival Samsung Electronics Co Ltd.

The watch, which remains unnamed but which company followers have dubbed the iWatch, will be Apple's first foray into a niche product category that many remain skeptical about, especially as to whether it can drive profits amid cooling growth in tech gadgets.

The production will be a boost to Quanta, given that its work for Apple till now has focused on laptops and iPods, product lines that are in decline. Quanta's role though is likely to raise questions about what involvement Hon Hai Precision Industry Co, one of Apple's biggest suppliers, will play in production.

While the watch is widely expected, the start date of its mass production and the extent of Quanta's involvement were not known until now. Mass production will start in July and the commercial launch will come as early as October, according to the source and another person familiar with the matter.
Apple will introduce a smart watch with a display that likely measures 2.5 inches diagonally and is slightly rectangular, one of the sources said. The source added that the watch face will protrude slightlythe band, creating an arched shape, and will feature a touch interface and wingless capabilities.

The source said Apple expects to ship 50 million units within the first year of the product's release, although these types of initial estimates can be subject to change. The watch is currently in trial production at Quanta, which will be the main manufacturer, accounting for at least 70% of final assembly, the source said.

Like many other smart watches, Apple's watch will be able to perform some functions independently, but tasks messaging and voice chat will require a paired smartphone, according to the source. The device will only be compatible with gadgets running Apple's iOS,its flagship iPhone, one of the sources said.

Most mainstream smart watches collect data about the user's heart rate and other health-related metrics, in addition to facilitating tasks checking e-mail and making phone calls.

A third source said LG Display Co Ltd is the exclusive supplier of the screen for the gadget's initial batch of production. It also contains a sensor that monitors the user's pulse. Singapore-based imaging and sensor maker Heptagon is on the supplier list for the feature, two other sources said.

Apple declined to comment. Quanta, LG Display and Heptagon also declined to comment.

Apple's move will follow on the heels of releases of similar devices by Samsung, Sony Corp, Motorola and LG Electronics Inc — gadgets that tech watchers say haven't been appealing or user-friendly enough to ignite a wave of mass adoption.

But the market is growing fast, with data firm IDC saying that worldwide shipments of wearable computing devices — a category that includes smart watches —will triple in size this year over 2013.

Apple has already dropped hints of its plans in this arena, hiring the former chief executive of French fashion house Yves Saint Laurent, a unit of Kering SA, and proclaiming that it will introduce "new product categories" this year.

Many are hoping that Apple's entry into the field of so-called smart wearable will be a game-changer that transforms the industry the company's iPhone did in 2007.

Some are foreseeing that smartphone sales, the current cash cow of the consumer tech world, will lose momentum in the years ahead as the market reaches saturation.
IDC predicts that worldwide smartphone sales will increase 23% this year, a slowdown the 39% growth of last year, and that growth will average only 12% annually 2013 to 2018.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Portable Pen Drive with diamonds and gold

                                 Now a days we have seen many stylish usb drive, few of them have all small and few of them have its own shape. But however people are simply looking for small and portable pen drive which can be carried easily and use easily.
Portable USB Drive

                                        But however in this category also there are few portable pen drive which many people use as status symbol.  These pen drives have diamond, made of gold or made of platinum and several other precious metals and stones.

Here are few of them and I am sure you would love to see them -

Postable USB Drive

Diamond USB Drive

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Laptop Holder another useful accessory

                                            If you want to work on your laptop on bed than you will need a laptop holder which will be suitable to hold your laptop in bed or bed laptop holder similar is the case when you are on your sofa or at any place. Everywhere you need a laptop holder which can make your working on laptop more easy and smooth. You can named it as bed laptop holder or laptop holder for car or laptop stand or portable laptop desk, every holder have same object and that is you can work on your laptop smoothly.
Courtsey – Laptop Laidback


One Laptop Holder for all Brands
                                                   Now a day many laptop accessories producer are taking every point in their concern while they are designing everything. They consider every brand, every size and every weight before making any accessories. Similarly while they design laptop holder they design for Dell, they design for apple, they design for Sony. So that one laptop holder can be used for any kind of laptop, any kind of brand, size. 

Benefit of Laptop Stands
                                             You want to work on your bed with your laptop and you also want to give comfort to your body, in that case laptop stands will be really helpful to you and you will also get the necessary comfort.
                                             You are seating on your sofa and watching your favorite movie on television. You also want to complete few pending assignments on your laptop. In such case this laptop holder will be really important tool to have.
                                             This Laptop Holder gives comfort to your muscles and to your back because you can adjust it in any kind of format and as per your choice and position.
Certainly Laptop accessories are getting more and more popular. Earlier we have seen laptop computer cases and now laptop holder.


Monday, May 9, 2011

Best Small Camcorder

                                                       You want to capture and save all moments of your family but with that bulky camcorder this is really a tough task. To provide the solution of this problem technology is providing best small camcorder option to all those tech lover.
Best Small Camcorders

                                         Now all big companies such as Samsung, LG, Sony are making small camcorder for their consumers.  Now here is another camcorder which can be operated single handle and there are not so many features as well. Less features means easy to use without any fear or without confusing your self.
                                         Another big advantage of this small camcorder is that if you are lefties than you can also easily use it and if you are right handers than this one is also ease to use.

Small Camcorders

Friday, April 1, 2011

An interactive device to keep students engaged after school

   Edutor comes with a preloaded, class-specific, curriculum-aligned content

Good news for parents looking for an interactive tool to keep children engaged after school hours.

Edutor Technologies, a Hyderabad-based company working on learning technologies, unveiled Edutor Advantage, a first of its kind handheld interactive learning device, for students from Std. III to X. The touch screen device comes with a preloaded, class-specific, curriculum-aligned content that is easy for students to understand.

Equipped with audio, video and animated content, the device offers course material in Social Studies, Mathematics, Science and English, while it offers basics on cricket, yoga and karate, spoken English content and Wikipedia on the extra-curricular activities front.

Practice tests

Students could opt for self-assessment with inbuilt practice tests and questions so that they could take corrective actions.

Edutor Advantage, according to its developers, is tailor-made to suit the students' requirements and will not allow distraction as it does not require any Internet connectivity. The instrument has been designed in such a way that it will not allow hosting any other material except the custom-built solution developed by the company.

The handheld instrument is priced at Rs.5,845, and the content will cost another Rs.1,635. The company will update the content every year in line with the changes in the education curriculum and students can upgrade the content as they enter higher classes.

The device is now aligned with the CBSE's new continuous comprehensive education initiative.

The company is planning to release a similar solution for Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE), International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) and SSC in the coming months.

Nationwide launch

The device, launched in the Hyderabad market by the company's Chief Executive Officer, Ram Gollamudi, is available in leading bookstores such as Landmark and Himalaya Book Stores.

The company plans to launch the product across the country in phases after studying the response and making improvements wherever necessary.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Alarm ring – No more annoying sound of alarm watch

                                      What is the most annoying sound for you in the morning ? I am sure it is definitely your alarm watch sound. But now with the help of this alarm ring you can get rid of that irritating sound of your alarm watch.
                                     This is a vibrating ring which you will wear at your any finger. You set the time of your wake up. As that time reach this ring will start vibrating and it will vibrate till you remove it and set again at its device place.  This one come with two rings so if your other part have different schedule of wake up than there will be no disturbance to both of you. You set up your own time of wake up and your wife have her own.
Designer: Meng Fandi
Photos of Alarm Ring - New way to wake up
Photos of Alarm Ring - New way to wake up
Photos of Alarm Ring - New way to wake up-2
Photos of Alarm Ring - New way to wake up-2
Photos of Alarm Ring - New way to wake up-3
Photos of Alarm Ring - New way to wake up-3

Thursday, December 9, 2010

TriSpecs Glasses with Dual Microphones/Speakers

Tri-Specs Inc is a company that combines high-tech and high-fashion in user-friendly consumer electronics. They have recently announced their latest highly styled glasses with a simple user experience and STEP labs unsurpassed noise elimination acoutic technology.
TriSpecs offers a bluetooth enabled eyewear that combines the best technology for noise cancellation and gives amazing voice quality in mobile communications with enhanced, premium stereo sound for a great MP3 music experience using buttons on the arms of the glasses.
TriSpecs comes with a dual microphones, dual speakers and bluetooth connectivity. The Tri-Specs are designed in that way that no one can notice the earbuds while you are using them. In that way you can listen to your music and at the same time can give responce to any one without disgracing them.
“Beyond the form and function of these glasses, their performance is without equal,”said Isaac Levy, CEO of Tri-Specs, Inc. “Once you try them, you’ll know why TriSpecsare a must-have accessory in every wireless and fashion accessory manufacturer’s product line.”
Key features include
  • Two uni-directional microphone elements, each enclosed in a TriSpecs custom designed, dual ported with a four hole housing, and each
  • are located on the inside of each temple and behind each hinge area to offer superior, upfront, wind noise protection and back ground
  • noise reduction and elimination characteristics.
  • The dual microphone array, with a wide 5.0“ (128.0 mm) spacing, has a greater advantage of identifying and eliminating wind and
  • background noise, over the competition’s mono Bluetooth headset microphone spacing of only 0.75” (19.00 mm).
  • TriSpecs dual microphone array is integrated with STEP Labs, Inc’s, STEPvoice™ software algorithms, creating a highly directional remote
  • signal pickup system that has been specifically optimized to suit hands????free voice pickup. It uses the vector characteristics of signals to
  • find and capture the clear and clean voice while ignoring the noisy portion of those signals. The resulting speech output signal is
  • comfortable to hear, clearly understandable and more intelligible to the listener. Voice command and control in Automatic Speech
  • Recognition applications, increases word recognition rates and delivers near????perfect performance. In addition, “clean” signals minimize
  • signal bandwidth requirements and maximize channel capacity for telecom carriers.
  • TriSpecs Eyewear achieves extraordinary Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) improvement while maintaining the spectral purity and fidelity of the
  • voice, seamlessly from quiet to severe noise, and in windy conditions.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

World’s Fastest Efficient Hand Dryer - Anti-bacterial Bio JetDrier

                                  World’s Fastest, Most Efficient Hand Dryer Now Available in the U.S. - The speedy, anti-bacterial Bio JetDrier has long been popular in Europe, Asia, and Australia. With as fast as a 7-second dry time at under 65 decibels, it is often considered the quietest and sexiest jet hand dryer in production.

Anti-bacterial Bio JetDrier Hand Dryer

                               The world’s most advanced and energy-efficient hand dryer finally has an American distributor.

                               The Bio JetDrier was developed in South Korea and first sold there in 2001. Updated models have since become popular in Europe, Australia and other parts of Asia. Now, Hygen-Eco Systems of Atlanta has begun North American master distribution of the stylish, cutting edge device.

                              “I first saw the Bio Drier at a clean-tech trade show in Israel and was amazed when my hands were dry in 7 seconds. It was quickly dominating the market there over the brands that are currently being sold in the United States,” Hygen-Eco Systems President Randy Crohn says. “I kept in touch with the distributor there because I thought it could be a revolutionary product for the U.S. market.”

                            At the time, Crohn, a former Atlanta real estate executive, was the Treasurer and volunteer Manager of two shelters for the African Refugee Development Center in Israel. But, he says, “I wanted to return to the United States to play a role in the greening of commercial properties. Used paper towels are not recycled. Even recycling releases dioxins in the process. This is another way to discourage deforestation and lower our carbon footprint”.

                            Hygen-Eco Systems specializes in the distribution of such energy-saving products as LED and induction lighting, and of hygienic touch-free devices such as faucets and door handles. The Bio JetDrier fit that lineup perfectly. Its revolutionary design relies on heating air without the use of a heating coil and on three sensors to track precisely when hands are inserted or removed. With an 1100-watt motor made by Daewoo, it uses up to 80 percent less energy than other hand dryers. A “Noise Adjustment Module,” or NAM, keeps sound levels below 65 decibels — far below the tested levels of other jet hand dryers.

                           The touch-free operation, together with an antibacterial filtration system and antimicrobial surfaces, also makes the Bio JetDrier the most hygienic hand dryer in production. Many medical facilities in South Korea are using it due to its advanced hygienic traits. Unlike heavily marketed, high-end jet dryers that entered the market later, the Bio JetDrier stores water inside the unit — rather than allowing it to drip down walls or onto the restroom floor.

                           Best of all, the Bio JetDrier completely dries hands in as little as seven seconds. The jet-drying process quickly forces water from both the palms and backs of hands. No more rubbing palms together under a conventional blower until you get impatient and wipe them on your pants!

                           Reviews of the Bio JetDrier from early U.S. customers are enthusiastic. Among the first clients is the Atlanta Fish Market, rated by the Atlanta Business Chronicle as the top grossing restaurant in Atlanta.

                          “We were able to recoup our costs in less than four months, because we’d been spending so much on paper towels and cleanup,” says Atlanta Fish Market General Manager Gabriel Gotchev. “After so many positive reviews from our customers, we’ve chosen to eliminate paper towels entirely. Keeping our washrooms immaculate is important for our restaurants, because the customer often judges the kitchen by the cleanliness of the restroom.”

                         Gotchev adds that the highly efficient dryer “makes a statement to customers that we care about the environment.”

                        The elimination of paper and maintenance costs, without an appreciable increase in energy bills, makes the Bio JetDrier a cost-effective alternative that quickly pays for itself — particularly in heavily trafficked restrooms.

                        The Bio JetDrier’s streamlined, modern design makes it a fittingly elegant upgrade for restaurants, arenas, health clubs, medical facilities, malls, offices and other settings where businesses wish to project a clean, high-tech and planet-friendly image to their clients and customers. The units feature attractive blue LED lights and come in metallic red, white, blue or silver finishes.

                       More information on the world’s most efficient, advanced and (some say) sexiest hand dryer can be found at BioJetDrier.com.

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Infuse Watch Strap accessory for iPod nano 6G

Frontal Concepts Launches the Infuse Watch Strap Accessory for the iPod nano 6G - Not just your average iPod nano watch strap - The Infuse allows users to mount their iPod nano 6G in a minimalist and ergonomic manner via its unique “Wristlock” mechanism.
Infuse Watch Strap for iPod Nano
                                          Frontal Concepts is pleased to introduce the Infuse, a sophisticated minimalist wristwatch accessory for Apple’s iPod nano 6G. Infuse’s uniquely designed mounting system, the WristlockTM Mechanism, allows you to easily “snap” your iPod nano in or out of the Infuse. The Infuse also orientates the iPod nano in an ergonomic fashion such that the earphone wire runs parallel to one’s arm such that it will not be a hindrance to movement. Infuse’s silicone straps are custom made from high quality material and finished with an anti dust coating. The Infuse has been designed to augment, not to obscure, the iPod nano’s clean, modern look.

1. Minimalist and polished design
2. Orientates the iPod nano in an ergonomic fashion, such that the audio wire is parallel to your arm
3. Does not require you to unmount your iPod nano for connection to the computer
4. Firmly and securely mounts your iPod nano
5. Constructed using high quality plastics, silicone and stainless steel

                          The Infuse comes in 3 strap colors, black, white and tan at an introductory MSRP of $24.95 USD.
                          It is available for order on the Frontal Concepts site.

Shop Nano 6G Watch Strap PRODUCTS for LE$$ / Full Products list Click here!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Small Mp3 Player of Capsule size

                       Everyday we saw the new trend in the technology. We saw bulky and heavy mobile handsets to small handsets. We saw big music system to the small music system. Now technology again making music system to more small one. So small that you can compare your medicine capsule with your small mp3 player.
                       You saw iPod Capsule and now one mp3 player which is more small to capsule and you can have good numbers of your music as well.
Small Mp3 Player 1
Small Mp3 Player 1
Small Mp3 Player 2
Small Mp3 Player 2

Whole control of this small mp3 player is on the surface of this, like –
  • Just push this one and music will pause.
  • If you do not like any song twist it and this will work as fast forward or next music track.
  • Again twist and you can repeat the song.
Other features of this small mp3 player is
  • Supported by USB drive, so that you can easily transfer your music from Laptop or desktop to this small mp3 player
  • You can run Mp3 and WMA files as well
  • You can enjoy 7 equalizer
  • This small mp3 player have 30 channels of radio and you can record as well.
So what do you think, isn’t this music medicine is entertaining ?
Small Mp3 Player 3
Small Mp3 Player 3
Small Mp3 Player 4
Small Mp3 Player 4

Sony Rolly – Now your gadgets will dance

                        So far your music system played the sound and you dance on music. Now your music system will also dance with you according to the rhythm of the music.
                        Yes Sony brings Rolly – A egg shaped music player which will dance on the music played by it.  With the help of many inbuild motors this gadget will spin, jump, up and down.

# Rolly have two side led lighting which have 700 colour option.
# Come with 2 GB memory
# Embeded Speaker
# Having Bluetooth
# Supported Mp3, AAC format
# Price starts from – $399.99 as per USA website of Sony.
                             Certainly this gadget will put smile on your face with their activity and dance.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sun technology for your kids

                             Have you heard the word “Broiler Chicken?” if not than these are the tag names for those kids who carry thick glass even more thick than your window glass on their eyes and have body structure of a ball. Yes they are the most criticized kids who spend most of their time in home after the school playing video games and other modern gaming on their personal computer.
Sun Technology

                               Thus now you would know the secret of their fatter glass over the nose and the stored fats on their belly. For these kids their personal computers are their best friend and best buddies. If you spend even half an hour with them they will talk about gaming, Wikipedia and mails instead of footballs, playground and hide and seek. They are those pity kids who know essence of flowers not with petals but with the brands of perfume that have the smell of flowers from their parents’ dressing table. They have complete knowledge of Wikipedia through heart but not of the rules in playground.
                              The root reason of all the criticism these broiler chicken gets thus is the technology. We still remember the park picnic, the fun in the grounds with friends, the sea saw games etc but the kids of today’s world are taken way back from these environments thus sweeping the whole excitement from their life that are experienced by being close to the nature. Even though many parents believe technology as development in kids’ life, think again about the fun they are not experiencing in their best days of life turning them into robots. Through the studies and research it has been observed that both elements as “nature and technology” play an equal and important part in a kid’s life and what support this decision even more is the device by the name The Sun which is the device blending nature with technology bringing your life to a track of normal life. The sun, thus bring a balance giving the child knowledge about the nature through technological approach.
                               The device has sensors that will allow the child to give them knowledge about the nature through Wikipedia of which they have clicked picture. Thus it is simple equipment which gives knowledge for the items of nature searched by the kid in Wikipedia. As in looks it is simple looking with warm colors of nature like yellow. It has two moving rotational mechanics very simple and easy to learn for the kid about the nature bringing the child attracted and intimated with nature.
Sun Technology2

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Touch3d™ Release Latest Multi-touch Design "flipbook" Interactive

                                   Latest Industrial designed multi-touch interactive solution. Touch3d announces the release of the latest design "flipbook" interactive. The contemporary design demonstrates the latest optical touch technology with multi-touch interface. Touch3d designs and manufactures its own components and software.

Touch3d™ Release Latest Multi-touch Design Flipbook Interactive
About Touch3d
                                Touch3d design unique products for a range of solutions. Our industrial design service can provide innovative and functional products including concept design, 3d Cad development, manufacturing and mechanical engineering. We design custom products with Multi-Touch technology and our designers can create innovative and functional kiosks, large format interactive displays up to 120inch, Exterior Through - Glass touchscreens, In-Wall touchscreens, and our own manufactured LCD Touchscreens.
                              Design requires a unique and provocative approach of understanding technology and custom designs are a common expectation that offer a unique solution for that high profile product placement. Touch3d create unique products and user experience through interactive touchscreens. We provide interactive solutions for Retail Shops windows and semi-permanent kiosk designs. See our online shop: touch3d.co.nz/shop.
                              According to the FPD International website, the touch-panel industry is targeting a one-trillion yen market. As touch panel designers we offer larger screens, thinner and lighter designs, and improved durability, organizers of FPD International expect that touch panels will continue to become commonplace, not only in the mobile phone, game console and television markets, but in other consumer markets such as office and home automation and also Wall touchscreens.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Creative Technology Ltd. today announced the release of a new Pure Wireless Entertainment solution comprising of Creative ZiiO 7” and 10” Pure Wireless Entertainment Tablets

Creative ZEN Touch 2 Wireless Entertainment Device and Creative WP-300 Bluetooth Headphones.

Creative ZiiO Touch Tablet
                           These new offerings together with Creative’s already extensive range of Pure Wireless speakers, give users everywhere the most complete pure wireless entertainment system available today.
Creative ZiiO Pure Wireless Entertainment Tablet

                          The Creative ZiiO touch tablet — the world’s first apt-X enabled touch screen tablet — which runs on Android, delivers the best wireless audio performance from an Android™-based tablet in the market, differentiating it from similar devices.

                         Creative ZiiO tablet also delivers the most seamless, fuss-free Bluetooth pairing experience with Creative’s extensive range of speakers and headphones.

                          All this has been made possible through the know-how gleaned from Creative’s longstanding history of audio engineering expertise that produced the Sound Blaster, X-Fi and a host of award winning portable media players and speaker systems. In the process of creating a Creative ZiiO tablet, Creative applies these high audio standard benchmarks to each tablet through a rigorous series of in-house critical listening tests.

                          In the actual device, this seamless superior wireless audio quality has been achieved with the Pure Android Audio application and the apt-X codec found in each Creative ZiiO tablet:

1. The Pure Android Audio application
A unique fully upgradable comprehensive easy-to-use integrated suite of applications for the purest wireless audio experience that allows access to al audio enhancement and wireless connectivity settings at a touch of an onscreen button. The technologies housed under Pure Android Audio currently include:

X-Fi Crystalizer for Crystal Clear Audio in Your Music
Digital music today pales in comparison to the real thing. That is because important details disappear in the high and low ranges when CDs are ripped into digital music. X-Fi Crystalizer intelligently restores lost detail and enhances digital audio content to amazing clarity.

X-Fi Expand for Expansive Audio in Your Movies and Games
X-Fi Expand intelligently expands game and movie soundtracks into an immersive audio experience with a breathtakingly realistic depth of field. The effect becomes most apparent when used with earphones – users will feel as if they are listening to your game or movie soundtracks from a pair of high-end speakers instead of earphones.

Bluetooth 2.1 Wireless Technology
Together with the apt-X codec, Bluetooth allows users to stream high fidelity stereo wirelessly to all compatible stereo Bluetooth speakers and headphones, such as the ZiiSound D5, ZiiSound T6 (the all new premium 2.1 speaker with Surround Sound) and Creative WP-300.

2. The High Performance Low-Latency apt-X Codec
The high performance codec allows Creative ZiiO to deliver high quality audio wirelessly to compatible apt-X Bluetooth speakers and headphones.

Just like other touch screen tablets, the easy-to-use device lets users check emails on-the-go, watch their favorite movies (Creative ZiiO lets users connect the tablet to a larger screen via a HD cable for an enhanced movie viewing experience), as well as play music and casual games. Users can also download applications from the Internet and ZiiStore; this versatile touch screen device runs on the Android operating system, enabling users to easily install more applications from tens of thousands of cool choices on the Web for free.

Creative ZiiO tablet is also the first tablet to utilize Creative’s in-house ZMS-08 processor that is engineered to deliver the high performance media-rich processing required of next-generation devices.

Creative ZEN Touch 2 Wireless Entertainment Device
The next offering in the Pure Wireless Entertainment range of devices is the Creative ZEN Touch 2 — great for users looking for a pocket-sized wireless entertainment device. With Creative ZEN Touch 2 users can enjoy pure wireless audio streamed to your favorite Bluetooth headphones and speakers. At the touch of an onscreen icon users can also access the Internet. This means that users will be able to share photos taken from the built-in camera through their favorite website or stay connected with friends via email — all on-the-go!

Creative WP-300 Pure Wireless Headphones
The third offering in the Pure Wireless Entertainment system are the Creative WP-300 apt-X codec enabled wireless headphones, designed to allow users to listen to high quality music from their favorite Bluetooth enabled mobile device, such as a netbook, notebook, smartphone, iPhone, iPad or touch screen tablet. The Creative WP-300 pairs seamlessly and easily to the Creative ZiiO Tablet and the Creative ZEN Touch 2, giving users a compelling wireless listening experience for music and game soundtracks.

“With the release of the Pure Wireless Entertainment range of devices, we have brought personal entertainment beyond the confines of a single room to the whole house. We have effectively given consumers everywhere a new freedom to enjoy their music, casual games and movies wirelessly throughout the home without being deskbound to a large console or game-station,” said Ting Lai Chu, Vice President for the Advanced Multimedia Group at Creative.

“This also further solidifies Creative’s standing as the only company to offer a full comprehensive range of wireless solutions, from one-piece speakers, to multi-channel Surround Sound speakers, to headphones, to wireless entertainment devices and to touch screen tablets. Now everyone will be able to have a house full of entertainment instead of a house full of wires!”

The Pure Wireless Entertainment Range

1. Creative ZiiO Pure Wireless Entertainment Tablet
Enjoy Pure Android Audio with music, movies, games and downloaded Internet content. The Pure Entertainment Tablet — delivering Pure Android Audio — is the portable digital entertainment companion that allows users to store, manage and stream audio content from one device — without the clutter of cables! Pure Android Audio represents the most seamless high quality wireless audio streaming experience from an Android based device. This is achieved with the unique Pure Android audio application (a one-touch onscreen icon housing X-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity interfaces), and a host of audio enhancement technologies that include the apt-X codec and lossless audio support.

Creative ZiiO is available in 7” (480 x 800) and 10” (1024 x 600) display models. The 7” model is in white, while the 10” model is in black. Both models come in 8GB and 16GB memory capacities.
Compact Touch Screen Tablet
Stunning 16.8 million (7” version ) and 262K color (10” version) display for laser sharp images
Android 2.1 Operating System
Bluetooth 2.1 EDR (with apt-X and A2DP)
Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g capable
X-Fi Audio Enhancements (X-Fi Crystalizer, X-Fi Expand)
Audio Supported: MP3, AAC, WMA9, FLAC, OGG, ADPCM, MIDI, WAV, Audible Format 4
Video Supported: H.264, MPEG4, WMV9, MJPEG, MOV, AVI, MKV
HD Video-Out (HDMI-Out)
Photo Supported: JPG, BMP, PNG
Front facing camera
Built-in Mic
Built-in Speaker (stereo)
Playtime: Up to 25 hrs (MP3), up to 5 hrs (video)
microSD (7”) / SD (10”) card slot (up to 32GB)
207.4 x 133 x 13.7 mm (7” version)
262 x 173 x 13.7 mm (10” version)
400g (7” version)
650g (10” version)

Creative ZiiO comes with the following companion accessories:

Leather Case
Wrap your Creative ZiiO in a leather case that is both stylish and functional. With easy access to all your Creative ZiiO’s interfaces and buttons, the case looks great while protecting your Creative ZiiO from stains and scratches. The case also doubles as a desktop stand. Available in black leather for both Creative ZiiO 7” and 10”.

Misplaced stylus? Fret not. Keep a spare stylus for your Creative ZiiO. This way, users can be sure that you will enjoy optimal touch screen interaction all the time. Each pack comes with three styluses.

Screen Protector
Give the screen instant scratch protection with a screen protector that also protects from dust and fingerprints. Once applied onto the screen, the bubble free, antiglare protector actually improves handwriting recognition. Available for Creative ZiiO 7” and 10”.

Universal Power Adapter
Save the hassle of unplugging the Creative ZiiO home-based charger and get a secondary charger for office and travel use. Comes supplied with 4 interchangeable plugs that enable users to charge the Creative ZiiO anywhere in the world.

2. Creative ZEN Touch 2 Wireless Entertainment Device
Experience Pure Wireless Entertainment on-the-go! With Creative ZEN Touch 2 users can enjoy pure wireless audio streamed to their favorite Bluetooth headphones and speakers. At the touch of an onscreen icon users can also access the Internet. This means that users can share photos taken from the built-in camera through their favorite website or stay connected with friends via email — all on-the-go!

Creative ZEN Touch 2 comes in two versions, a standard version and an enhanced version that comes with extra GPS, Digital Compass and FM Radio features.
3.2” Touch Screen
Lossless Music
Android 2.1 Operating System
Bluetooth 2.1
High Speed Wi-Fi access (802.11b/g/n)
Built-in Speaker
2-Megapixel Camera
Composite Video-Out
microSD Card Slot
GPS, Digital Compass, FM Radio (Available with the enhanced version)

3. Creative WP-300 Wireless Headphones
Take your wireless experience to the next level with high quality headphones that are completely wireless, but give users the same audio quality as high performance wired headphones.
Plays high fidelity music and movies from compatible Bluetooth mobile devices wirelessly from up to 10 meters
Precise audio from professionally tuned performance Neodymium drivers
Superb audio-video synchronization from highly efficient apt-X Bluetooth technology
Flat-fold earcups let you fit headphones easily into a bag
Easy access earcup controls for making quick playback and volume level adjustments
Lightweight, on-ear design with soft ear padding allows for a comfortable extended use
Comes with a soft travel pouch for portable convenience

Pricing and Availability
The Pure Wireless Entertainment solution will be available at the online store at creative.com/shop and authorized dealers in US from early December 2010 onwards at the following suggested retail prices.

Creative ZiiO 7” Pure Wireless Entertainment Tablet 8GB US$249.99
Creative ZiiO 7” Pure Wireless Entertainment Tablet 16GB US$269.99
(Available exclusively at creative.com/shop)
Creative ZiiO 10” Pure Wireless Entertainment Tablet 8GB US$299.99
Creative ZiiO 10” Pure Wireless Entertainment Tablet 16GB US$319.99
(Available exclusively at creative.com/shop)
Creative ZiiO Leather Case US$39.99
Creative ZiiO Stylus (3-in-1) US$19.99
Creative ZiiO Screen Protector US$9.99
Creative ZiiO Universal Power AdapterUS$39.99

ZEN Touch 2 Wireless Entertainment Device (without GPS) 8GB US$189.99
ZEN Touch 2 Wireless Entertainment Device (without GPS) 16GB US$209.99
(Available exclusively at creative.com/shop)
ZEN Touch 2 Wireless Entertainment Device (with GPS) 8GB US$199.99
(Available exclusively at creative.com/shop)
ZEN Touch 2 Leather Case US$24.99
ZEN Touch 2 Silicon Skin (2-in-1) US$14.99
ZEN Touch 2 Screen Protector US$9.99

Creative WP-300 Bluetooth Headphones US$99.99

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Leica M7

                                 Custom made items are a sign of royalty and prestige. And those who are found of the taste of royalty never miss any thing that has words “limited edition” stuck with it. And for those, who are in the above list of people surely can’t hold for the new, strictly limited current edition of Leica M7 Hermes. Although with the latest technology we have many small digital cameras but Leica M7 Hermes is specially designed digital camera of the series for only those who have real choice of elegance and camera requirements.
Designer : Leica via Engadget
Leica M7

Specificity of the model
                                       Leica M7 Hermes has a 35mm rangefinder in silver chrome with the authentic calf skinned finish. And when we talk of the custom designs in the set it carries an anodized Summilux-M wide-angle lens specially designed for this model only. The top plate has imprinted name design of Lecia in place of the previously designed model carrying the logo of Lecia in red. The design has all control parts made with metal giving the model the exclusivity in look. The back portion of the Lecia M7 has been furnished with silver chrome to stand on the perfection of the design.
Leica M7Leica M7 Limited Edition Camera
How it is different from the earlier model
                                                 The main thing that makes this new edition different from the earlier one is that, it does not have the red color of the self imprinted auto and also the seven settings on the speed dial has been replaced with the specific color same as that the camera leather holds. When we talk about the accessories with it, then it comprises of leather made carrying strap having the same color as that of camera to complete the over all look and make you satisfied that what you are buying deserves to be limited only to you.
Limited Edition Leica M7

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Colour Pens – Scan colour and get it

                            You, me and every one just love to use colour pens. As this pens decorate our book and filled colour to our imagination. Some time we do feel that we should have such colour pens that have all the colour of this planet.
                           Well now Jinsun Park have come with an idea of colour pens which can pick the colour from any object and will deliver the same colour. Yes this is possible as this colour picker will scan the colour and colour senses detect the type of colour. Now RGB cartridges of pen will do necessary colour selection and will deliver the required colour.
                             Now if you want to paint your imagination than go ahead with Colour Pens.
                                                                                                                        Designer : Jinsun Park
Colour Pens
Colour Pens
Colour Pens 2
Colour Pens 2
Colour Pens 3
Colour Pens 3
Colour Pens 4
Colour Pens 4