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Saturday, November 27, 2010

wireless computer mouse from evoluent

                              In computer world everything is changing. Earlier it was desktop computer and now we have many kind of laptops. Some are small laptop, some are light weight laptops and few are very advanced one.
                              We can see such changes in the computer peripherals as well. Earlier we were using big floppy drive after that small one and now we can store data in very tinny pen drives upto many GBs.
wireless computer mouse
                                                          There are many different kind of mouse available some are like of Wooden Keyboard and Mouse and few are of really costly computer mouse even cross the value of $1200.00
                                    The generation of computer has advanced so much that nowadays every field has a full time computer job and if you are facing problem like wrist pain then it can be because of the old generation mouse pad you are using and to get over with it doctors and ergonomist in US Berkeley have evaluated a Evoluent Vertical Mouse 3 Wireless which has a advanced handshake grip making it comfortable for use in staff and campus area .
wireless computer mouse
wireless computer mouse
                                              The natural posture of holding something is the missing point in normal mouse but the design of Evoluent Vertical mouse has a particular shape giving a posture of neutral handshake while you are holding the mouse thus prevent the twist in your arm leading to tension and pain in the wrist .The professionally designed ergonomic design is not only a boon for wrist but also has perfectly placed 5 buttons helping you to press all at one time quickly and easily without the need of adjusting the fingers. The ergonomic designed mouse also has a small lip preventing the “rubbing pinkie” effect to annoy you.
wireless computer mouse
                                                The Evoluent Vertical Mouse works with 2 AA batteries and optical 1200 dpi sensor that indirectly help the mouse to sync automatically. The design also has an on/off switch that can increase the battery life of the mouse and also can prevent waking up your device during standby. The dimension and weight of the mouse is just in perfect allowing you, not to reposition it instead a little tilt is all you need to do while working. The design may initially take 3-4 days to get use to but the natural position of it will surely create big difference in relieving the pain you might be ignoring in your wrist. However the USB receiver is a bit smaller and also lacks the way of recharging through USB port.
wireless computer mouse